Fast-Track Your Way Into DC Tech & Entrepreneurship

how to fast-track your way into dc tech and entrepreneurship

I came across Rob Go’s “To-Do” List for New Entrepreneurs Arriving in Boston, and decided to port the concept for DC. It’s like a “hitchhikers guide” to the tech and entrepreneurship scene, but now for DC. When I moved to DC in 2014, I had no network of friends in the tech and entrepreneurship scene. […]

Office Hours with Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is an entrepreneur in addition to being an award-winning producer and actor. He was featured in GQ and was recently interviewed by the Levo League. Kevin gave a very insightful talk on the hardships in his startup venture, the importance of interest, and giving back to the community. What really connected with me […]

My Three Words for 2015

Every year I take an opportunity to focus my efforts for the year to come. Think of this as a simple exercise to create a guiding light to achieve your goals. Three words, that’s it. My three words for 2014 helped me be the right kind of busy. 2015 will build on those efforts for […]